7.16.16 Summer time

Hi there, been a while since I have posted.

I have been so focused on work, that when I have free time, I just simply want to be outside and away from people.

So far this summer, I have been to Leavenworth several times. One of those weekends, I felt like the UN was in session. There were so many different languages being spoken. But there was one thing they all had in common. They all had CAMERAS. It was so interesting to see what they were taking photos of. The 20 somethings from Japan were posing with the window displays. I watched this happen several times. Made me smile. The family from the Netherlands were in my favorite kitchen store picking up items they could not get back home. When I stopped at my favorite quilt shop, the women again from the Netherlands were purchasing fabric and thread by the bolt and numerous spools. Love to see what the tourists want to purchase.

I did pick up a new hobby which is knitting, but that managed to last about three weeks, as my wrists can’t tolerate the knitting. Drat….I have not even done enough to qualify for a miniature dish cloth. Guess I will have to pass it all along. Fudge.

It has been a perfect summer weather wise. A few hot days then it cools off and then it repeats. I can deal.

This summer has seen me getting to spend time with some of the Grands and enjoying every moment of it. They are growing so fast.

Well, this will be short and sweet and I hope to become regular at posting once again. I have missed this, up to you if you have missed it.

As always life is an adventure,


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1.7.15 My Headline is Dark


I had already started to write my blog as the week was going past. I had a funny bit about showing up to a dinner a night early, a thoughtful piece about fog in the canyon, and a couple of adventures now that the new quarter has begun. In light of the events in France today none of it seems appropriate to post. It has gotten me to think.

What if someone takes umbrage with what I blog about? I am not writing to a mass market and I am certainly not writing of matters outside of my own small world. Yet I have the freedom to choose what I write and when I post it. Are these hideous individuals trying to get the rest of us to be concerned that we are not safe to poke a bit of fun to make a point? That we cannot express our opinion about current events, local or national politics? Yes, I do realize that today’s event took place across the pond and on a different continent than where I live. Yet if they could strike in New York, what is to stop them from other attacks?

I am at a point in my life, where I believe I have the confidence to stand up and say if you are going to attempt to take away my freedoms through international intimidation I will not be threatened. If you are going to try and take away my freedom of religion through international and national intimidation, I will not be threatened. I am one small little voice in the world of bloggers, but I will let my voice be heard.

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12.31.14 Has it really been so long?


Honest I did not mean for it to happen. I meant to do better. Then the gap seemed to large to over come. What am I talking about? My lack of Updating.
Well to paraphrase Garrison Keillor, its been a busy 18 months. I was reminded tonight by a very clear voice, that it isn’t all about me, that phone calls should be returned, invites answered, gifts wrapped and actually delivered. The world does not revolve around me. Hmmmm I hate it when “they” are right.

So, with that said let us see what has been happening in my world. The big event was that I had two granddaughters born on the same day just about 6 hours apart from the other. That was a pretty big deal. All are doing well.

I have been questioning my sanity by my returning to school. Yet there are advantages to being the oldest in the program….if you are late to class several classmates will text to see if I am still alive. The instructors don’t question when I say I have to see a Dr. about a “thing” and if I begin to explain they immediately put up a hand suggesting I stop right there and please just go. Apparently I am the only one to have figured out how to use spell check when writing my term papers…. I never thought I would be working Graveyard at this point in my life. Getting tired of said shift. But now that the days are getting longer at the rate of a minute or so a day I should be seeing sunrise in a mere few months.

Oh the fun I have had getting caught up with a few of my Alaskan family as they have passed through this area. Love them all.

The exciting news for this year, was that a friend at church asked me to participate in a showing of my photography here in town. What an amazing experience. I would do it again and actually will have better photos to show this next time. I guess the photo of the horses nostril was not as appealing as I thought it would be.

Let me just end 2014 saying it has been one of the quickest years for me as I have been so focused on what I am trying to accomplish and learn. Let me greet 2015 by saying I plan on taking a few more time outs to take my camera for a road trip. I hear fireworks being set off somewhere in the neighborhood, so it is time to fix an end of the year holiday drink, salute the year farewell and greet the new. The very best to each and everyone of you.

As always life is great

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3.8.14 “You lady with the camera get OUT of here”



Have been busy of late so have not gotten out a new update for a bit.

Well, if all goes well, I will begin class on March 31 and will be out of the starting gate and on to my newest adventure. Will keep you abreast of how this goes. I am looking forward to learning something new. Best part is, one never knows where it will take one.

If you know me even a wee little bit you are aware of my obsession with all things Iditarod. The race has been difficult this year due to the lack of snow and more than a few teams have scratched or were withdrawn. But the best part is happening right now. Aliy is tearing it up this year and is giving the boys a run for their money. Buser is right behind her and thinks he is going to catch her. It has been too long since a woman has won. Go check it out, there are just a couple of days left.

I get to roll up my sleeves and delve into the mysteries of my toliet tank this weekend. I have the parts in hand and that new flapper is going in whether it wants to or not. So for pure visual effect here, just imagine me holding a small flashlight in my teeth and nudging my glasses up my nose so they will not fall into the tank and trying to get the things which unscrew unscrewed and rescrewed and the chain attached….well you get the picture…..I refuse to listen to that water run one more day. Success will be mine says the toilet tank flapper fixer. A high five for the person who can tell me the name of the entertainer who did a routine about “copper clappers”.

Oh I am requesting a moment of silence for my phone. Unfortunately I have gotten the report back, it is terminal. The iphone 4 is on life support. It butt dials while it is sitting quietly by itself on the kitchen table and on my desk and on my nightstand. Apparently it is experiencing early onset dementia. As well it randomly now taking photos. Then when I do make it call it will not let me hang up.

The big news of the week is that I got tossed out of a crime scene by the local deputy sheriffs this past week. Well if they would of moved the traffic cones back across the parking lot entrance I would never have gone down through the three lines of orange traffic cones…….He did not need to turn and place his hand on his revolver while yelling at me. A nice please mam this is a closed scene would of been sufficient. But after I had returned back up the ramp and through all three lines of orange traffic cones and had stopped to talk with another car, he came screaming up the hill in his car, jumps out and hollars “You lady with the camera get OUT of here!” I did not want to take pictures of his measly old crime scene, I was taking pictures of the bridge and the water level which had dropped AND I was out of the crime scene area. Besides I later found out, the bones had been there about 75 years as it was, not like it was an emergency……..geez.

Spring is here and life is returning to the Kittitas Valley. The Eagles have left to continue their trip to Alaska, the fields are full of new born calves and proud Momma’s, there are Snowdrops showing up in the local gardens and apparently there are exercises underway down at the Firing Center. A steady whoomp whoomp over the course of the past week. Takes me back to the years of living close to the military firing ranges while a military wife. It will be fun to see what spring and summer look like in this area. There is much to look forward to as the Rodeo is here over Labor Day weekend and then during Oct and Nov I will be have a showing of some of my photos in Downtown Ellensburg along with a friend who will be showing some of her photos and art work. When I let myself think about that, I get a bit nervous and find myself out stalking the area for the “perfect” shot. Trust me, there will be Alaska photos as well…More about this as time gets closer.

As always life is good.

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2.15.14 What a Week


What a week it has been! Tuesday morning not one but two of the most beautiful little girls arrived into this world. One to my oldest son and one to my youngest. Those two little girls are about six hours apart in age. What a wonderful blessing they are to the world of ours.

At a time like this I find myself wondering what those two will grow up to be and what will be happening in this world of ours. Global warming? No global warming? Settlements on another planet? Will they be artists? Professional women? Choose a different path and return to a simpler life and choose to farm and remain close to the earth? Will they learn to fly? Will they learn to sail? Who will they choose to share their lives with?

Oh the possibilities in their futures.

Last we chatted, I was scheduled for surgery and that was put off as I was extremely ill. So it has been rescheduled for this next Wednesday. So next time we chat, it just might be under the influence of drugs, if that is the case, I am so sorry…..

Another change is that I am slated to begin classes on March 31 in a Chemical Dependency Program. It will last about a year and then during that time I will get some hands on experience, prep for the State boards and then go out and once again resume life in the world. So all is good.

I woke this morning to discover we had another wee bit of snow come for a bit of a visit. Most was gone by the end of the day. In fact it has been so warm that I have been throwing open the front door to my apartment. This morning as I was working, I was able to listen to the ever growing population of birds harmonize to announce their return or possibly just a momentary stop over on their way North. While out wandering the countryside with my camera this afternoon, it was possible to smell spring in the air and see the fresh green of new spring grass beginning to poke up here and there. Well if there is not to be a winter, let there be spring.

Well, that is about it for now, as I shared, it was a busy week.
As always, life is good.

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2.2.14 Getting that loose screw taken care of



Hi Everyone!

Well as some of you know, it was confirmed this past week that I do indeed have a screw loose. It is apparent that many of you seemed to be aware of this fact. I do appreciate the fact that for the most part you have kept it to yourself. For sometime I sensed there was something wrong, now it is confirmed…..Come Wednesday, I will be having a day surgery to have two screws removed from my right ankle. I have been very attached to these screws for almost 10 years now. It needs to be done and I do hope that the results will mean less pain for me. As the Dr. said, that one screw is coming out with or without surgery…..guess I will submit. So next week, expect pictures of the screws……

In reality, I am getting two screws removed from my ankle. I was gifted with these particular screws back in 2004 after a most amazing life changing trip to Alaska for a week. I will keep these two screws and will frame them. They represent some important moments in my life. Most of all they drove my deep desire to be in Alaska.

Finally it feels like late fall or early winter what with our recent snow fall. It was truly refreshing to look out and see so much covered in white fluffy snow. It smelled like pure heaven, later in the day it even crunched under my sandals. It was so glorious. On the downside I could not find my ice scraper, so I had to resort to using a CD case to clear the windows. As I drove into town, I was met by a snow plow heading towards me. That driver had the biggest grin on his face, finally he gets to play with the winter toys!

Well today is one of my two favorite late winter days, as the Yukon Quest is underway! I was listening to the radio and getting a feel for it and then a video was posted and oh my goodness it was pure heaven on earth to my ears. The dogs were talking and telling everyone they were more than ready to hit the trail.

Locally there is a Cowboy weekend coming up mid month here in Ellensburg. Don’t know much about it, so guess I will have to check it out. The timing is good, as it is between the Quest and the Iditarod. It will keep me busy..

My picture today was taken from my front yard, looking out across the Kittitas Valley towards the Stuart Range…..

As always life is an Adventure,

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1.26.14 There I was watching my car drive away

Hi Everyone!

It has been an interesting week, it started out by heading up to Roslyn (where they filmed Northern Exposure years ago) to watch last weeks football game. Had fun sitting in The Brick with a good portion of the Roslyn residents rooting on Seattle. They make a pretty decent Nachos there. Lots of fun and good natured smack talk….

I do have to admit, that this finding employment is taking a turn that I had never expected to reach. I have to confess, that apparently when one reaches a certain age they are supposed to have a retirement plan. Well I do have a retirement plan, it will be two days a week until I can no longer stay upright and I start drooling during a staff meeting…..okay, I have only done that once…..but being in a situation where age and experience is a detriment rather than a positive is not one I like. I have been told that I am over qualified, I am under educated, when I get my Master’s come and see us we very much want to hire you and oh ya all we can afford is $12 an hour, we have a very specialized computer program that we use in this office and you need to be fully trained in it, we don’t have time to train. Okay I do believe you get my point.

In the afternoons I have been letting myself get out and about with my camera just to keep my sanity. The opportunity for photo inspiration is starting to increase as foliage is starting to color a bit and we have been having some amazing hoar frost. Oh for make believe snow…..I have become excited about frozen fog.


Saturday afternoon after checking my mail, I decided to go for a bit of a drive out and about in the county. I just pointed the car and drove not really paying attention. I ended heading north out of town on the back roads and as I gained in a few feet of elevation, the never ending fog dropped down and engulfed me and the most glorious hoar frost started to appear. I pulled over to the side of the road and surveyed my options, getting out and going down into the bar ditch to shoot some hoar frost on the fence. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my car leaving without me. There it was heading up the road with a bit of a drift to the ditch. I was stunned, my car has never left me behind before. How could this be. There I was bad ankle and bad back with my camera slamming me in the chest as I shuffled as fast as I could and yelling at my car to come back. I caught up with it just before the final drop into the ditch. I managed to get the door open and to throw myself into the car all the while yelling at it to stop.

It is embarrassing to realize that I had never put my car in park. When I had cruised to a stop, there was a wee bit of an incline and it was enough to hold the car in place. But apparently after I got out it felt the need to remind me that if the driver forgets to slide the gear shift into park it will go on its own……

I have been dog sitting for the landlord and enjoying it. The dog is old and almost completely blind. But she finds her way down to my apt and will scratch at my door to come in….I am such a sucker that she has decided my bathroom rug is her new sleeping spot over here. I have missed dog sitting.

Well that is about it for now, in spite of being too old, under educated, over educated etc., life is good.

See you after the game next week or whenever they decide to hold it if the weather does not comply,


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1.19.14 Probably asked one question too many


As you can see from the picture, it has been a bit foggy here this week and apparently there is no let up in this weather for the coming week. But that does make for interesting photography opportunities.

Last Sunday I found myself watching the Seahawks game and hope to repeat the event this week. Just have to find a tv somewhere.

It was a busy week and it feels as tho I accomplished much and yet nothing. Strange feeling to have. I have been busy trying to gather some information for church. We are forming a Funeral committee and it seemed right to be on it somehow. So as I was saying, I was asked to find out some information throughout the community. I thought I would start over at the local Funeral Home, so I drove over there only to find a Fire truck and EMT vehicle parked in front. I hesitated to go in, but decided what the heck and in I went. A very nice young man came out to help me and it was very apparent he knew absolutely nothing. What he did tell me was that the Funeral Home was having their annual fire inspection. Nice to know.

Then it was over to the Court House as I needed to talk with the District Attorney as he heads up the Coroners office for the time being. So I headed into the building and up to Security to get directions. There was this very handsome man sitting behind the desk and out of my mouth popped….”are you married?” Without batting an eye he held up his left hand with a ring on it and said very much. And I without missing a beat asked for the DA’s office he pointed up the stairs and off I went….. So anyway, gathered very little useful information there and was sent over to the Health Dept. Nothing useful was learned there….

Was over to the library to check out a couple of things and discovered that I had been banned from borrowing any more books. Well that was a bit disconcerting to learn this. So I marched up to the counter and Kenny the librarian who at times follows me around the library to suggest possible books I might like to read, jumped up and all but jogged to the counter to help me. It turns out I had forgotten to put all the CDs back in the case for the last book on CD I had returned. So Kenny assured me that I would not be banned if I could please return the missing CD. Uh….okay then Kenny, I will get right on that. He also over rode the ban and let me check out more books….

Well my mandatory house cleaning was accomplished this week as well, also known as time for my House Blessing by my Priest. I cleaned, the Priest came and Blessed and all is good.

Want to give a shout out to Lucy C up there in Canada for joining this merry group of readers. Winter is getting long up there for her. Hang in there Lucy breakup will arrive soon, but not soon enough…..

As always,
Life is good

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1.12.14 Waiting

There is no great achievement that is not the result of patient working and waiting.
– J. G. Holland

Hi there,
Well here it is another new year and I already feel as tho it is flying by. Yet at the same time each day has taken on its own struggle.

I will not tell a lie, I miss my Alaska winters, friends, moose, church family, northern lights and not necessarily in that order. Life down here in Washington State has been a time of readjustment. I have landed in a small farming community in Eastern Washington, Ellensburg. This is such an interesting town. It has four very distinct parts to it. There is the College, then the farm/ranching community followed by the business owners and finally there is a tremendous arts community here. The down side is that unless one is a college professor or in the medical community, employment is hard to come by. I have been close to employment several times, but no cigar. But there is always tomorrow and more possible opportunities. But I will accept all positive thoughts.

I do manage to get out with my camera from time to time. Am learning how to take photos down here with the very different color palate. How on earth does one make brown look interesting? If you have any suggestions, let me know…..

Before settling down here in Ellensburg, I took a bit of a road trip around the Pacific Northwest to make up for not getting to New Zealand this past year. I do believe I drove about 4500 miles in the matter of a couple of months…..I had the chance to sit by the ocean during a raging storm which came out of the Gulf of Alaska. I drove through the rain forest on the peninsula, down to the Tri-Cities in far Eastern Washington. The guys at the lube shop got tired of seeing me stop by to have the fluids in the car topped off. Well at least I got to read a paper while I waited in line……

I have found a wonderful new church Parish here in Ellensburg. Many of the members are from Alaska. So we all complain about the lack of winter and how warm it is. I find myself driving up to the mountains to find snow and ice.

I have decided that it is time to return to my blogging, it isn’t that my life and world is more important than anyone else’s, just that writing is good for my soul. You will most likely hear some rants about the “new” insurance coverage as my introduction to it has not gone well. Am afraid that I am forming some strong opinions from first hand experience. But that is for another time. As well, as employment comes my way, I will keep you up to date as to whatever it will be.

Thanks everyone,
As usual, life is good,

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9.17.13 Thinking on the Road


Hi there,
My adventure is taking on its own life form. But the upside is that I have had the time to spend with my boys and their families. What a joy that is. I sure have some neat kids……with neat spouses and okay indulge me, these amazing grandbabies. Oh ya……

Okay, studying on the road is a challenge, as I do best when I can have everything spread out and a huge mess around me on the desk falling down onto the floor. It suits me. At present, I need to keep everything picked up and neatly put away. I will survive this.

I am in huge distress as I left my cactus at my oldest son’s. I am a horrible cactus owner when I manage to drive off without them. They are getting to enjoy time with them tho.

Life is amazing when it is possible to reconnect with friends who once might have been rather casual acquaintances, yet through the technology of the internet one has shared good and bad times with them. Over the course of this trip, I have met up with several of these individuals and it has been wonderful.

What I am learning, is that I really do not like the fast pace of life down here. But I can deal with it. I have seen more cars in a few weeks than I saw in five years. I have not seen any moose….I miss my moose. I have seen a ditch diver. He had the most amazing look on his face as he got out of his rig. He could not believe he was in the ditch.

As I sat in traffic going over the mountain pass it was interesting to truly notice the different type of plant life than I have been living with. Fall is just now reaching this area and the cooling of the air is so fantastic. The heat has been difficult for me. This may be too much detail, but I am actually wearing socks tonight because my toes are a wee bit cool. The first sign of the leaves changing is taking place. I noticed a tree today where the tips of the leaves were a light yellow.

My friends in Alaska apparently are awaiting the arrival of snow. I have been following the weather up there. I wonder if there will be snow here this year.

This is a bit disjointed, but it is what it is, just and update.
As always life is good, just in a different location

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